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Solin Residences,
Premium Living

The wealthy Romans in ancient times already knew just the place to enjoy life with the luxuries and the splendor of a unique landscape – so they used to chose Solin (then Salona) as the right place for their fashionable retirement homes.

With its » Premium Living offering «, the » Solin Residences « Resort adds on this tradition enriching it with exclusive services of medical care and support to provide a special way to enjoy the golden autumn of life.

Company AVOCONS GmbH, in conjunction with the first class team of Croatian architects, completed the magnificent natural conditions of this area with an innovative and high-quality architectural achievement. Particular attention is paid to the barrier-free easy access to all contents within » Solin Residences « and its surroundings.

Solin Residences

Living in Solin,
with style and service

Solin gets a brand new face with a new complex of premium quality buildings
located in a historic location surrounded by enchanting natural beauty:
Solin Residences  –  in the street of Marko Marulić  -  21210 Solin  -  Croatia